Skunk Cabbage Redux, Hamden

It’s been a year now that I’ve been riding the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail a few mornings a week to get out and for having some movement in my day. This year isn’t measured so much by the COVID-19 pandemic milestones as by the return of natural phenomena that I first noticed when I started riding last year. The first or one of the first pix I posted here was of some young skunk cabbage, a beautiful if stinky plant. Today I saw some in the same place at a similar stage of growth, which was nice and depressing. Half a million dead, some huge percentage of which were avoidable but for a ruthless plutocracy synchronized with racists glad the disease seemed to be mostly catching up Black and Brown people as well as a socioeconomic system that would rather people die and decrease the surplus population than pay businesses to stay closed. Skunk cabbage doesn’t care, but the apathy doesn’t give me a sense of perspective. Rather, it makes me sadder that so many care as little for their fellow humans as skunk cabbage cares for us.