2013 Southeast Road Trip Notes, Part I

Some notes from the first couple of days of a road trip to Florida from Connecticut in March of 2013:

  • From Charlottesville, VA, to Smyrna, GA, start off on US 29. Less traffic and prettier driving than I-85. However, it’s also hillier and has fewer commercial options for food and restrooms. There are national-chain options for the latter, just fewer and farther between. Also, it’s not drop-dead gorgeous, just better than looking at a semi’s hindquarters for the bulk of the drive.
  • Muss & Turner’s restau in Smyrna is very good, but is priced in step with the quality of their food. It’s a step up from your average deli, though structurally it’s the same: Meat (or fish or veggies), bread, extras, chips, pickle (half- or full-sour, though I don’t know why you’d choose a full over a half if given the option), drink. My special today was a braised pork tenderloin with cucumber slaw and guacamole — very tasty! Plus, they have Blenheim’s.
  • Goodness Grocery in Smyrna is good in a pinch for things you would find at most natural food stores, including all the major national brands. However, their shelves are not stocked very deep, leading me to think that they are not doing well or lack business acumen.
  • Politics sucks everywhere, but it is complex and sophisticated everywhere also. When a GOP councilmember wants to regulate the price that a food cart can charge for a bottle of water, you know the usual categorizations don’t apply. Unless, that is, you use the default category for human behavior: I’m going to get mine.