Accomplishments, Winter Break 2018–2019

I’m pretty lousy at noticing what I have managed to do, so I’m taking a moment to try to do it for a short period of time and maybe work toward getting better at it in general.

This year in later December and over winter break*, I managed to:

  • Not mail any Christmas presents last-minute
  • Get what I think were good presents for my family
  • Buy what I think is a good book for our child, Children of the Longhouse
  • Play a lot with our child
  • Think of the thing(s) I might want to try to get better at doing in 2019
  • Visit a local lo-fi exploratorium to see their annual model train exhibit
  • Have dinner with friends
  • Go to a decent new restaurant for one of our anniversaries
  • See an exciting moviein the theater!
  • Do some puzzles in the New York Times‘ annual puzzle section
  • Read a bunch of my dad’s memoir
  • Read a bunch of Patricia Highsmith’s Ripley Under Ground
  • Finally read The New York Times piece on Black men writers and Black men’s writing, only to find that it was but two pages long!
  • Make homemade slow-cooker dulce de leche for the first time
  • Start my first batch of homemade sauerkraut
  • Make my regular batch of kvass (maintenance work counts, though this batch isn’t very good)
  • Play Monopoly with the family
  • Play a car racing game on the iPad too much, though sometimes it was in parallel with our child
  • Mostly write one of the three conference proposal reviews that I owe by 14 January
  • Go to a neighbor’s for some of New Year’s Eve
  • Clean off a bunch of space on my partner’s laptop
  • Partly fix and partly break our kitchen sink spout
  • Replace some light bulbs
  • Vacuum the bathroom fan cover
  • Hang curtains in the room we are +/- converting to a home health aide bedroom
  • Take a walk nearly every day
  • Play soccer a little at the local elementary school with our child and a friend of his and the friend’s dad
  • Stay up past midnight on New Year’s Eve
  • Finish my master’s thesis (cheating, because this took all fall to finish)
  • Mostly subdue my probably-stress-induced stomach discontent that’s been hanging out for 2–3 years, then have a new bout but not freak out
  • Have Christmas
  • Go to church for the last two Sundays of Advent and then on Christmas Eve (I’ve become C&E, and am a moderately intellectual Christian, but I adore my church’s new pastor; he’s both passionate about real social justice and patient about how long it will take to turn this church around)
  • Go to a friend’s annual open house and have a conversation with a neighbor from down the street and their child, who’s always a little diffident with me but who was very conversational at this party

This looks like a lot of stuff! I guess this is why people like to do this documentation, since it reminds us if/that we aren’t just passing the time away.

* My employer more or less closes each year from Christmas Eve through New Year’s Day, and when Christmas Eve falls on a Monday as it did in 2018, things stretch out nicely.