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Micro-Reviews 2x

Remember the Titans

Not immensely substantial, but Denzel Washington! I came to the conclusion that it’s a good children’s movie in part because the racism and antiracism are right about at a white child’s level. The picture gives a glimpse of the possibilities of terror in being a Black family at the leading edge of integration, it doesn’t pretend that integration happened by magic, it doesn’t pretend that integration was a single event. It also shows that people subject to racism can carry other prejudice, in this case homophobia. A more sophisticated movie would spend a touch more time on how integration of a football team, with its command and control environment, could happen in a way that integrating other parts of white society could not; would indicate that the players continued to experience (or perpetuate, as the case might have been) racism away from the football team; and that there’s a difference between tackling (rdrr) racism in a confined and desirable environment and eliminating it in an environment where the perps have more social opportunity to abandon the contract.


Cute animated picture about returning a young yeti to the Himalayas. It’s a co-production with a Chinese company, and there is implicit China propaganda about Tibet’s non-existence. As a simple representation of race and gender, it’s nice to have a movie where the lead is a Chinese girl and the two boys are the sidekicks. The gender balance is awkward, though, as the filmmakers gendered the yeti masculine as well, so there’s the main girl and then her three boy supporting characters. Guess the standard (Euro/American) ratio of 2 boys : 1 girl when a boy is the lead had to be expanded to get the boys in the theaters?