CCCC 2017 Saturday Keynote

The 2017 annual meeting of the College Conference on Computers and Composition was held in Portland, OR, 15–18 March at the Oregon Convention Center. This is the Saturday keynote from José Antonio Vargas, journalist.

Really interesting start to talk, speaking to audience of (mostly white) teachers, deftly self-deprecating or at least playing at self-deprecating with the possible thought that audience wouldn't all expect him to speak well, or possibly priming the audience to hear a success story of a brown immigrant that done good because of all that great public schooling.

Example of different interpretations/hearings/retellings of the same comment

No, but really, this is skin-in-the-game gonzo journalism. There didn't seem to be much audience recognition of how brave this was, possibly because he was framing it as humorous.

Once I saw others using @joseiswriting for attributions, I switched as well. Later, though, on that account, he said to follow @DefineAmerican. Given his increased precarity, he may be trying to keep down traffic on his individual account.

Not sure whether I misheard or whether he in fact included both notions of corporations and products. (My money's on the former.)

I'm not sure what I was expecting, but something other than silence. Lots of laughs for the laugh lines, but not much cultural ability to reply to the challenge line enthusiastically.

The first question was from a cat who did a little tapdance about #NotAllWhiteAmericans and then said "But what can we do?" (My paraphrase.)