Commuter Diary, Day 2 Inbound

I had two commutes in to work today, though if the first qualifies as a commute, then I suppose I would have to have had three.

To be a little too cute about it: When it turned out that my wife would not be able to be around for some workers to be at the house, I decided to work from home for the first part of today. But I’ll speak out of both sides of my mouth and say that it is indeed a real transition for me when I work at home. My psyche is such that I could never be a work-in-pajamas kind of person. If I’m doing my job, I have to dress in my work clothes. Even if I worked full-time from home, I don’t think I could be overly casual. So this morning I put on the clothes that I would later want to be in at the office, helped get things going in the morning at home, and went to work in our home office. When it came time to go to the place where they give me a check every month, I got ready for my next commute.

I’m pleased to be able to say that my next commute was by bicycle. For many, this is not unusual, but I have been having a very difficult time getting myself in the habit of riding in to New Haven from Hamden. It shouldn’t be that hard, since it’s only about 4 miles (slightly downhill, yet) and I have easy access to the Farmington Canal Trail. The only explanation I’ve come up with is in two parts: One, I’ve become soft over the years and am concerned about getting — boo-hoo! — wet, and two, I’ve been influenced by the specters of crime on the trail.

The worst thing is that neither of these are completely groundless. Showing up at my office looking like a drowned rat would be, even in my very collegial environment, a little strange. Plus, there’s at least some danger in operating a rapidly moving vehicle on macadam in the rain. (And if I’m not moving rapidly, there’s not much point in doing it.) The crime part is also not devoid of substance. People have been assaulted on the trail in broad daylight, according to stories on the New Haven Independent.

It’s embarrassing that mustering my gumption to come in at 11am on a day that is simply cloudy and cool feels like a victory, but I’m determined to change my own mind about this, and look forward to commuting on the trail more and more.