Day 0

Not really Day 0; that would more properly be when the first person who came from overseas already infected with coronavirus COVID-19 came to the country, or when the first person in CT tested positive. But it’s Day 0 for me blogging about events during this time.

The main thing that spurred me to do this i was that the local school system closed yesterday for an indefinite period. As I understand it, the “indefinite” is fairly literal, that is the school administration doesn’t know how the virus will proceed and thus can’t know now when the schools will reopen. But there’s also an expectation that they will reopen this school year. I think.

I’m going in to work today, in part for normalcy’s sake, in part so the family isn’t all cooped up together from the jump (under the assumption my being home later will be a welcome novelty), in part to participate in a baseline orientation for the university-wide move to remote courses. The state has low numbers right now, but it’s inly tested 90-some people.