Day 1

Friday the 13th! Ruth Hopkins on Twitter noted the feeling of quaintness about the day, and true enough I didn’t feel like making even jokes about it.

Hardly anyone at work, and those who were seemed to be keeping their doors closed. At some point the head of facilities came through and approved my office for keeping people apart. Since it’s only me in a space that once seated 5, yeah, I think so.

Sounds like first day with the child at home wasn’t a disaster, though we’re still working out how to make contact with them when we leave them home alone for a while. The Child has trouble looking into the future, so they are treating it so far like just a small vacation. They didn’t even really understand that they weren’t going back to school any time soon.

Hard to work under these conditions, to be sure, but I did manage to attend a workshop nominally about supporting faculty who have been told to move their courses online after Spring Break. Ended up being about Zoom and Canvas and the integration thereof. CT known cases up to 12, I think. The President still tries to act like a CEO and lots of people are OK with that. The country continues to track Italy’s history with The Virus, and that’s bad news for 2 weeks from now.

Good thoughts I’ve seen:

  1. This is not like after the September 11th terrorism (or Boston Marathon or OKC bombing or Charlottesville rally), where going about your business was a good idea. The Virus doesn’t care about your projection of strength.
  2. After this is all over, success will look like we over-reacted. That’s a hard concept for me, but it also rings true.