Day 2

20 cases, up from 4 something like 10 days ago? Some of us were sure the low number was artificially deflated by lack of testing, so I’m not prepared to see it as a quintuple just yet.

The family went for a bike ride today, and ducked into the supermarket because the bike path goes by it.

I tried to take The Child to soccer clinic this morning, thinking attendance would be low, but it turned out to have been cancelled via Facebook only. No email, no mention on the clinic org’s website. Frustrating. Went to the supermarket myself over near the clinic and lost a glove.

We watched the Shaw Brothers’ Come Drink with Me by King Hu and starring legendary Cheng Pei-Pei. More violent than I remembered, and a couple new words for The Child that I’d rather they’d have learned later in life. But for approximately 95 minutes I forgot we were living in the midst of a pandemic.

Afterward I saw the emails from the uni saying there’s now a certain case here and the uni is closed for the duration, emergency personnel only should show.

In addition to everything else, a bunch of plants that I’ve worked really hard in are going to die.