Day 3, Day 4

We’re both settling into and keeping some routine. Sunday (day 3) was still a weekend, so the child still had to clean their room. Today (day 4) was a work day, and while I appreciate (in the sense of liking and sympathizing with) the calls to resist the notion that everything has to continue as normal when “normal” is not possible and also is a harmful system kept afloat by inequality, I need to keep some sanity and a job. I’m the primary income in our house and, depending on how this goes down, not impossibly soon the only income. Nobody should be evicted or foreclosed on while we’re in a public health crisis, but those banks will be eager for blood money as soon as it’s profitable to chase it.

More happily, we watched another movie tonight, which meant that I was able to forget the world outside for a while. The picture was Angry Birds 2, chosen by the child. It was not nearly as bad as I expected it would be. There are questions that need answers (Why was the villain an Angry Black Woman? Why were 2 of Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s children in it? [Do they have more than 2?]) but it was sufficiently entertaining to while away the time.

Took bike rides each day. Yesterday was through the middle school (closed) cut-through on the Canal Trail over to about the public library (closed) and back. Today was to drop off Come Drink with Me at Best Video (open!) and then just on to the elementary school (closed). But at the elementary school we did a bunch of small loops around the parking lot and then the child and I did some bigger loops around the whole building. Good to get fresh air and to be reminded that there is fresh air to be had.

Made one long-cooking food today, congee. A long while back I finally learned one secret to decent congee/jook, which is buying broken rice. Makes a world of difference. It’s so simple for me to make adequately, though nobody would confuse it with heritage congee. It tastes good, though, and with some pork fu it makes a nice meal. Tomorrow the intent is to make osso buco with some beef shanks from Walden Local Meat, who has an increased order from me now.

We’re needing some groceries, or at least I think we are. I’m pretty routine-oriented, so I can’t tell whether we actually need food or I just am uncomfortable not knowing what I’m having for breakfast and lunch every day. (Dinner’s easier for me to flex with.)