Day 5

The child is taking it harder today. Knowing them, my suspicion is that they feel very unsettled with the lack of clarity around what this time is. They aren’t by nature afraid of abstractions or vague future threats, so I don’t think it’s worry about The Virus. But this time away from school disrupts their routine, yet it’s not a vacation. They’re not self-aware enough to be able to articulate this unsettled feeling, so we won’t hear it from them. Then again, it could just be that the meltdown in the afternoon was because they didn’t want to practice the drums.

I did something like real work today, marking up a plan for redoing the library’s research guide pages on online exhibits. Surprisingly, we seem to have a distinctive approach to handling online exhibits at my uni. Most others that I compared us to have a more instrumental approach, with their research guides substantially being how-tos, with an apparent audience of teachers, learners, and researchers. Implicit in this is that other unis approach their institutional online exhibits much less openly than we do, a situation opposite most of my experience at my uni. We should think about clarifying this distinctiveness and publishing on it. (See? Real work, which you know because my mind was able to generate that thought sequence.)

Doing real work feels pretty good, but there’s still the nagging feeling — that may not go away until The Virus does — that it just doesn’t matter.

animated GIF of Bill Murray in "Meatballs"


(Shout out to Chris Makepeace, star of one of my favorite movies as a child, My Bodyguard.)