Day 6

Nothing particularly notable about yesterday. We’ve got an order in to the local supermarket for delivery, and I’m a little anxious about what won’t get sent. We’ve learned to not order eggs, ripe bananas, and one or two other things in these deliveries because they end up in rough shape by the time they get here. More to the point, I’m a little worried because even in non-pandemic times they will be out of things and you won’t know until you receive the delivery. My dad’s claim when I was growing up was that he was a little food-anxious because he was occasionally sent to bed without his dinner as a child, but that never happened to me so I don’t know what my excuse is.

Our receiver/amplifier has basically conked out, so I ordered a new one. It is a palpable privilege right now to be able to have something break and decide to replace it without much ado. Not with no ado, because it’s been basically broken for a week and I’d been trying to diagnose/repair it for that time. I don’t do electronics repair except at the component level, and to be more precise I only do computer repair and only at the part level. No soldering, for instance. So I tried the things that The Internet said to try short of buying a voltage meter and a soldering iron. It’s been a reliable receiver —especially for having been bought at a yard sale— so I’d’ve much preferred to get it repaired. There are, however, no stereo repair shops in proximity to my knowledge, and I’m not exchanging goods with anyone except where necessary. Even when the new item does come, I’m going to unbox it outside or in the garage and wipe it down thoroughly. With at least 6 more weeks of social distancing on the horizon (if you look at Italy’s path, which the USA is tracking), I would edge into problematic territory if we stayed without a stereo for much longer.

The president is still lying about what he knows, what he says, what he does, and what is going on in the world. Nothing new there.