Day 8

Back-written post, so mostly shorthand.

Grocery delivery, wondering whether the bags or contents are infected, wondering how to recognize the border between appropriate precautions and pathological sanitization. Used latex gloves, but also washed hands before and after. Will also try to remember to wash hands before and after preparing meals. Found an article in Food & Wine including comments from a former CDC medical director that resonated.

Ordered out for possibly the last time for a long while, as the governor ordered all “non-essential” (might depend on who you talk to) businesses closed starting soon. (Turned out to be not the last time, since we ordered out on Day 9 also.)

Treated today like a Friday insofar as I am planning to stay away from job work as much as possible until Monday. I don’t imagine that will be sustainable once the students return, but we’ll see. On the one hand I want to be necessary at the uni because I like, you know, an income, but on the other I don’t want to get drowned by the undertow of the university trying to carry on with business-as-usual when the circumstances are anything but. There’s an uncomfortable simultaneity with the uni not wanting people to try to get their room and board money back and wanting them to be able to participate in something like authentic student life.