Drupal :: “Access Denied” Errors, One

(I’ve numbered this entry, since I have a strong suspicion that I’ll be entering more workarounds for “Access Denied” errors in the future.)

I wanted to store a file in a Drupal site, without that file being specifically attached to a major content organization area. It was easy enough to create new content of type File, but anonymous users couldn’t download the file. I checked permissions, but they were set just fine. In another good example of how the Drupal community seems to overlook the simple things, my resolution turned out to be something that didn’t come up in my searches. Though I found, inter alia, suggestions for editing the .htaccess file and examining log reports, for switching the file system to Public, and for rebuilding permissions, I couldn’t find something that reminded me to make sure the content was Published. It’s not the internet’s (nor the Google’s) responsibility to keep me from being stupid, but it’s odd that the first results for this error are not aimed at new users.