Drupal :: Menus and Breadcrumbs Tip 1

(Numbering, in expectation of having more of these in the future.)
d(Note that my context for this is enabling the Menu, Nice Menus, Taxonomy Menu, Taxonomy Menu Hierarchy, Taxonomy Menu Custom Path, Taxonomy Menu Vocabulary Path, and Menu breadcrumb modules and using a heavily modified Zen theme. There may be other significant possibilities for unintended interactions that I’m ignoring.)
(No more parentheticals.)
Desired outcome: Have a content container appear as a top-level menu but have the content container webpage have a breadcrumb trail appropriate for another menu. Here’s how I got it to be the way I wanted. We’ll call the page History and the breadcrumb parent About, and note that the relevant part of my menuing setup was a Primary Links menu and a navigation block containing Nice Menus.

  1. Create the two menu entities:
    1. A Nice Menu is a block that uses a menu as its content. (For more info on working with Nice Menus, see its section at Drupal.org.)
      1. Create a new top-level menu named History Container
      2. Add one item named History that points to the History page
      3. Set a Nice Menu block to use History Container. Here I will leave configuring the rest of the Nice Menu block, as well as positioning the block, as an exercise for the reader
    2. Regular menu item
      1. Create a menu item under About, which is in turn under Primary Links, pointing to the History page.
      2. I don’t want this item showing up in my Primary Links menu, so I disabled it. YMMV
  2. Go to Site Configuration –> Menu breadcrumb
  3. Order the items so that the desired breadcrumb menu is ranked higher than the container that was used as the Nice Menu

Though this was frustrating, it was more due to my ignorance about the module interactions and proper configuration than to bad design of Drupal or any given module. A further complication was that I inherited this site rather than building it from scratch, so I don’t know all the intended and expected interactions.