Further on Virtualizing IIPImage Server

Mostly in order to keep proving to myself I can do it, but also because I was running into problems with phantom networking issues, I destroyed several of my local virtual machines and repurposed a Mac Mini as a candidate for a standalone image server using IIPImage. Unfortunately, this time the install did not go as smoothly as the last time. This time, I had trouble with the networking on the Ubuntul 12.04 virtual machine, but that turned out to be an incomplete refresh of the ethernet card. Running sudo dhclient -r followed by sudo dhclient didn’t properly configure the card, so I had to use sudo ifup eth0 to get the card properly configured after I assigned the card an IP in our DHCP server and waited for that server to do its hourly refresh.

More concerning, though, was that I kept seeing an error of Invalid command 'FastCgiServer', perhaps misspelled or defined by a module not included in the server configuration. There is a thread in SourceForge with Ruven Pillay, the creator of IIPImage, helping out a user with that error, but the help seemed to be too many steps and too much wrestling for my situation. With a little bit of careful rereading, I saw that I had forgotten to add the FastCGI module to Apache 2 by running sudo apt-get install libapache2-mod-fastcgi. With that and a quick sudo service apache2 restart, everything seemed hunky dory again. When I’ve got something a little more comprehensive and stable, I’ll add this mention my stepwise instructions. (Since this time I’m using SSH rather than shared folders, I can add that as an alternate method for getting your content onto the server.)