Hurling Myself into the Pool

This term (Fall 2012) I am doing what I suppose you could call teaching. My feelings about it are full of ambivalence and insecurity, as you can judge by that opening statement. For the past few years, I’ve been involved with academic technology formally, but I’ve been working in academia for roughly eight-and-a-half years* and consequently have been immersed in the world of teaching and learning. Or so I thought, until, this summer, I was asked to lead a lab section of a course, “Gender, Sexuality and Pop Culture.”** As it turns out, I haven’t been immersed, but merely observing the immersed and giving them pointers on their strokes from time to time. How does Yale let someone with no formal teaching training and no serious experience teaching lead a lab section? I don’t know, but if word gets out that that’s me, I’m sunk.

However I’ve managed to get to this point, I’m here now and I’ve been planning sessions for the students. As far as I know, this is the only non-arts, non-science lab at Yale, so I hope we can build a good model and start spreading it around campus.

* Maybe I could remake 8 1/2 for academia or IT or both.

** I’m strictly a serial comma man, but the official title does not have it.