Innovation Workshop Review

Today was mostly taken up with attending a workshop offered by Yale’s Organizational Development and Learning Center on the topic of Creativity and Innovation for Teams. I always have some trepidation when I sign up for an organized class on being creative, but paradoxically I find that I don’t do a very good job of being creative on my own and need some sort of structure to help get me there.
My handful of takeaways:

  1. My love for Altair Designs has been rekindled.
  2. Though I am an outstanding test-taker, I have a really hard time with personality/work-style/etc. tests. I don’t mean philosophically, I mean that the choices on these tests are always unsatisfying and the outcomes equally so. I rather wish I had an archive of all the ones I’ve ever taken to see if they all align. (It’s possible that variation over time would account for disparities, but most of them presume to tell me something about my core self.)
  3. More aspects of my current team context have been validated. We possess many of the on-paper attributes of a successful innovative team; now if we can just get ourselves entirely away from reactive work.
  4. My decision to force myself to blog is
  5. My wish that the class had foregrounded some research on creativity and learning was accounted for by the learning style grid of the organizers, but not satisfied.