In lieu of talking about The Rona, I’m going to remind myself of some screen gems we’ve watched recently so future me can know.

New Legends of Monkey: In all the best ways, this is like a UPN show from 1997 or 1998, except that it’s Australian with a multiculti cast and it’s based in cultural heritage that doesn’t center Euro/American civilization.

The Wiz: as good as I remembered it, but with some numbers that drag on too long. Conversely, some long numbers are fine once you see it as less the Super 70s Soul Musical it billed itself as and more as an opera. That is, the musical numbers tell the bulk of the story, with second priority going to no- or low-dialog sequences. And that music! Soooo good.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Junior’s choice, of course. They loved it, SO found it eminently watchable, I found it tolerable. Jim Carrey tries to steal the show by being Jim Carrey, and the human leads’ interaction with the CGI star ends up looking worse than Roger Rabbit. (Which did a good job of filming humans interacting with things added in post, but one would think in 30? 40? years Hollywood would have gotten better at the factory.)

Galaxy Quest: chef-kiss-fingers.gif (But if only the movie had had the courage[?] of Star Trek and had more characters of color. Yes, it’s a funny gag that Tony Shalhoub’s character is named Kwan and he plays someone named Chen and he is not remotely [to my knowledge] of East Asian heritage, but it would have been a funnier gag if he had been yet more like George Takei.)

Star Trek and Star Trek: The Next Generation: The former is hard to watch because Shatner’s leering all the time, but the latter holds up a little better despite the remarkably period fashion. Somehow they did better at looking more out of time in the first series. Curious how they both began in similar ways, by staking out the human mind as the territory most unexplored and most susceptible to manipulation by entities with non-physical powers.

Avatar: The Last Airbender: Junior’s started watching this, which is good for me because I’ve wanted to watch it since catching parts of a couple episodes during it’s initial run (at least I think that’s when I saw it, and I think it had what used to be called a run). I never knew it was created by gaijin.

Money Heist (ve: Casa de papel): Really soapy, which might be why so many like it, but is exactly why I don’t like it. Just get on with the heist! I suppose it’s good that I’ve learned I like action movies to have either more action or more ennui. Also, perhaps, that a heist narrative is something I want to have happen in a movie-length running time, not a TV series running time.