Toujours Animated GIFs

Last night’s lab for DOCC 14 (known to me equally as WGSS 380) focused on animated GIFs. It’s fascinating to see how GIFs have changed from my early days using the web (You guys! We can make little cartoons!) to now. This is not that blog post, though. This is just to post the two GIFs I made to talk about making GIFs but also to explore their power to encapsulate a moment and hang on to it for (apparently) all eternity. If you know It Happened One Night, you know where this GIF is situated. If not, I interpret this moment as the instant Clark Gable’s reporter/rake realizes that his thumb is not as powerful as he’s made it out to be (hmm now) to Claudette Colbert’s heiress. The dénouement comes later in the scene as she uses her sexuality to perform where he couldn’t.


This one’s slowed down a touch, to emphasize Gable’s forlorn look at the thumb.