Tryout for the Major League

Looks like it might be time to grow up. I’ve been using MAMP on my work machine to do whatever I needed to do in the way of A to the M to the P, but I’ve just hit a snag.
Backing up a step, one of my current projects is wrestling with the display of an emakimono 絵巻物 on the web and the interaction with same. A colleague recommended I look into IIPViewer, a FOSS solution. In order to use IIPViewer, I need to install IIPImage Server. In order to install that, my Apache needs to be running FastCGI. FastCGI, however, is not available as a module for the MAMP instance of Apache. Consequently (this is starting to feel like “There’s a Hole in the Bucket”), I may need to cut the apron strings and start installing and maintaining my very own AMP stack. Since MAMP has worked well so far, though, I’m more likely to do this on a VM than the primary OS. We’ll see how this goes.

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